Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Documents of visitors to Russia should be checked more often
The fight against terrorism should oblige police officers to check documents on the streets more often, say independent opinion polls in Russia. According to the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry, the poll was carried out by the All-Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM) and the Public Opinion Fund (FOM). "Despite the tough police measures, 82% of respondents polled in September 2004 by the FOM believe that police should be instructed to check IDs in the streets and public places more often to prevent terrorist attacks," said the press service. At the same time, the source continued that the opinion polls indicated that 38-39% of respondents described the work of police bodies as satisfactory, and 54-55% disagreed with them. The poll conducted by VTsIOM in March 2004 showed that 44.7% of respondents would go to the police in case of an attack on them or their property. For comparison, only 7.9% would go to court and 6.7% to prosecutors, the press service said. VTsIOM's poll conducted in February 2004 (over 1,580 people were polled in 100 towns of 39 Russian regions) showed that over 64% believe corruption among top officials and law enforcers to be the most serious obstacle in the work of police. Over 30% of respondents put the ineffective activity of police officers down to their social problems, including low wages, and 29.8% to the merger between police officers and criminals. The source added that according to sociologists of the Entrepreneur Development Center, the Russian Interior Ministry is one of the three most transparent agencies.
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