Sunday, March 7, 2021
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On Wednesday, November 10, the Russian police celebrates its professional holiday
On that day in 1917, a decree by the People's Commissariat of the Interior of the RSFSR set up a working-class militia [police] "to protect the revolutionary public order". Police Day, the press-service of Russia's Interior Ministry said, has been marked as a public holiday since 1962. Police Day is one of the few holidays that has not changed its name and traditions either "in the years of stagnation", or during "perestroika", or in the period of subsequent reforms. Between 1931 and 1946 the police was structurally within the People's Commissariat of the Interior, and then was transferred into the system of the Interior Ministry of the USSR. The federal law On Police came into effect in the RSFSR on April 18, 1991. It laid down the principles of organisation of the Russian police, their rights and duties, the use by police of special means and fire arms, and guarantees for the legal and social protection of its personnel. In 1999, the existing law On Police was amended by including changes that at this moment determine the tasks of the police: ensuring personal security, cutting short crimes and administrative offences, and also obliges its personnel to safeguard state, municipal, private and other property. Currently the Interior Ministry of Russia structurally includes the criminal police and the public security police. Operating under the Interior Ministry is the Investigation Committee and the Federal Service for Economic and Tax Crimes. At present, despite the complicated criminal situation in the country, interior bodies continue to secure concrete results in countering crime, RIA Novosti was told at the press-service of Russia's Interior Ministry. Thus, in the first nine months of the current year it solved about 1,200,000 crimes. An end has been put to activities of almost 8,500 leaders and active participants of organised criminal groups caught out in perpetrating 20,000 grave and particularly grave crimes, including 42 so-called "contract" killings and 377 instances of banditry. Almost 36,000 crimes dating from previous years have been solved. Besides, within the framework of struggle against terrorism, law enforcement bodies have prevented more than 200 terrorist acts, which might have injured hundreds of people. An active struggle is being waged against emissaries and accomplices of clandestine cells of extremists.
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