Saturday, January 23, 2021
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A man was attacked by a brown bear in a village
A man was attacked by a brown bear in a village in Siberia's Altai Territory, which has been on alert this month over increasing numbers of bears leaving the taiga in search for food, a local nature reserve said on Wednesday.

The victim survived the attack, and managed to return to his home in the village of Yailyu, located within the nature reserve, a spokesman for the reserve said.

At least 20 bears have entered the village since late August in search of food. The bears come hunting at night, killing chickens and cattle, destroying fences and backhouses, and occasionally attacking humans.

"The bears are doing what they want in the village. The situation is tense," the spokesman said. Armed guards have been brought in to protect the villagers, and a curfew has been introduced.

Earlier this month, locals killed three bears who entered the village. Killing of the bears is banned by the environmental protection agency Rosprirodnadzor. The villagers said they had resorted to killing the bears after other efforts to repel them failed.

The director of the nature reserve, Svetlana Shigreva, earlier said such behavior from the bears has never been seen in the reserve's 76-year history. Wildlife experts say the bears have been forced to look further afield for food, due to a shortage of berries and nuts in the taiga.

Usually, bears start their hibernation in November after developing reserve body fat to make it through the winter. However, if bears fail to eat enough food, they can become insomniac and pose a threat to humans.

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