Monday, March 1, 2021
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Kamchatka is mourning the victims of a Mi-8 accident
Kamchatka is mourning the victims of a Mi-8 accident. The helicopter crashed in the vicinity of volcano Gorely in the south of the peninsula washed by the Bering and Okhotsk seas on November 27. RIA learned in the local administration that December 2 is the day of mourning for the victims. The state flags have been lowered throughout the peninsula, public functions have been cancelled, and entertainment shows have been prohibited on radio and television. A Mi-8 helicopter of the Kamchatka Airlines, which was delivering medical workers, crashed on November 27. The search operation mounted immediately after radio connection with the helicopter was lost continued for three days. The helicopter and the bodies of five people were found on the southwestern slope of volcano Gorely 100km south of Petropavlovsk, the administrative centre of the region. The victims are Sergei Borovikov (helicopter commander), Vladimir Korostylev (mechanic), Oleg Prokudin (second pilot), Gleb Ustinov (a doctor of the Disasters Medicine Centre), and paramedic Svetlana Andreyeva. The Mi-8 was making an Asacha-Yelizovo flight, moving after a convoy of cars, one of which was carrying patient Gennady Baturin, a mechanic of the department of mechanisation and transport of JSC Stroikomplex, who was dispatched to a hospital with a suspected heard attack. The doctor flying in the helicopter was expected to help Baturin. The patient feels fine now. The transport prosecutor office has opened and is investigating a case of violation of helicopter flight safety rules that resulted in the death of people. The black box of the helicopter has been found and is being decoded now
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