Monday, March 1, 2021
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Vladimir Putin:"We are ready to take part in settling the situation within the limits you deem possible"
"We are ready to take part in settling the situation within the limits you deem possible," Russia's President Vladimir Putin said at the Vnukovo 2, Moscow's government airport, while opening conference with Leonid Kuchma, incumbent Ukrainian President. "Whatever storms may be raging in domestic politics, we hope all Parties will stay within the limits of the Constitution and the other acting legislation. Trespass the Constitution-and the country will tumble down. "Though developments have come to an edge, you are keeping it in check to avoid getting into extremities. Nothing very bad has come up-thank God! "We are badly alarmed with all things connected with your country tending to a split. We support your efforts to buttress its integrity," President Putin said to the outgoing Ukrainian President. "It would be surprising if Russia had chosen to stand aloof," Mr. Kuchma replied. Ukraine will be unable to get out of its current political crisis without losing face, unless Russia helps it to find a way out, he emphatically added. Boris Gryzlov, State Duma Speaker, appeared on Russia's behalf on two occasions as a conciliatory roundtable was on in Kiev, to gather Victor Yanukovich, Victor Yuschenko and international mediators. President Kuchma thanked Russia for its parliamentary leader's participation. President Putin, in his turn, thanked President Kuchma for high appreciation of Russian mediating efforts. However, "neither Russia, nor the European Union, nor, again, international organisations can settle the problems. They can come up as go-betweens, but the say-so belongs to the Ukrainian nation," stressed Vladimir Putin. "I don't want to be misunderstood on the point-but Ukraine is no longer the self it was before the [presidential] poll. It has been divided. The one side never reckons with the other side's opinions. This policy is being done by revolutionary force, with no consideration for economic consequences," said President Kuchma. "I am not going to enlist all dire economic fruit now-I only mention the Treasury dwindling, and the freight turnover coming down." Freight transits via Ukraine's west has shrunken fourfold. Ships are avoiding certain Ukrainian ports, he added. As he was opening conference, President Putin said: "Dear Mr. Kuchma, I am glad you have found the opportunity to see me, even for a few minutes, at this trying time for Ukrainian domestic political developments. I am glad we can exchange opinions of what is going on in Ukraine, of upcoming prospects, and of a way out from this extremely acute political crisis."
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