Monday, July 13, 2020
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Krasnoyarsk territory will hold Czar exhibition
The Czar-territory representative exhibition will be running in the Krasnoyarsk local lore museum from December 7 to January 7. It is timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The passport of the Krasnoyarsk territory will be presented during the event, reports the web site www.russianculture.ru. The title of the exhibition is consonant with the novel "Czar-Fish" by Siberian classic Viktor Astafyev, laureate of the USSR State Prize. The proud name of the project reflects its main idea - present the majestic Yenisei as the Czar river, the age-old taiga as the Czar-forest and the Krasnoyarsk Czar-territory as 'Russia in miniature', a huge and rich region with healthy political ambitions and almost unlimited potential. The passport of the Krasnoyarsk territory is the original edition a-la the main document of the Russian Federation. This is a souvenir booklet and a guide to the anniversary exhibition. The exhibition presents the Krasnoyarsk territory as a region with unique economic and geographic features and good development prospects. It reflects the history, places of interest and all social spheres of the modern Krasnoyarsk territory. The exhibition is unique because it features all aspects of this wide topic by all museum means. It presents the rich natural resources, economy, industry, indigenous people of Siberia, scientific achievements, education, culture, sports, business leaders, infrastructure and a lot of other interesting information. The Czar-territory is designed as a mobile exhibition to present the achievements of the Krasnoyarsk territory in other Russian regions. The exhibition will open the series of anniversary celebrations.
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