Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Besides, they have banned the import of incubated eggs by local poultry farms.
The authorities of Sakhalin are tightening control over the import of poultry form the neighboring countries where an outbreak of chicken flu has been registered, the regional administration’s press centre told Itar-Tass on Monday. Besides, they have banned the import of incubated eggs by local poultry farms. Controls will be tightened in February and March at sea ports and airports of Sakhalin over batches of poultry products. Transport means will be disinfected. Meanwhile, the authorities of Thailand have confirmed a first lethal case caused by avian flu. The victim is a six- year-old boy who died last night, a spokesperson for the local disease prevention department told journalists in Bangkok on Monday. After the boy's death the overall death toll in the Asian region rose to seven. Ten more patients suspected of being infected with avian flu have been staying at Bangkok hospitals. The Thai authorities ordered to slaughter millions of chicken all over the country in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Thailand is the fourth world biggest exporter of poultry and its products. Annual chicken production in Thailand makes up around a billion species with revenues from poultry exports put at around 1.5 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Japan and the European Union - the biggest importers of Thai poultry, have banned poultry imports from Thailand. Japan has banned imports of poultry and its products also from Indonesia and Cambodia where cases of avian flu hazardous to man have been reported. The sanctions will be lifted only if the countries concerned confirm that the epidemic is under control and the threat of the virus spread is eliminated, the Japanese department for land, forestry and fisheries said in a statement on Monday. Japan will provide financial aid gratis to Vietnam where twenty people were infected with avian flu, including 14 lethal cases. The virus of avian flu has spread to a third of the overall territory of Vietnam. At least two million chickens were infected in eleven provinces in the south of Vietnam and eight provinces in the north, according to the data released by the Veterinary department of the Vietnamese Health Service Ministry last week. In recent weeks, the number of people infected with the hazardous virus rose to 20, including 14 lethal cases caused by the H5-N1 type of the "A" flu virus that was found in the blood of household poultry. The World Health Service Organization has officially confirmed only five lethal cases in Vietnam yet. Incidents of avian flu virus transmitted to humans are rare yet, and for the most part occur in Asian countries. However, experts do not rule out the possibility of mutation of the virus into a form "adapted” to a human organism.
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