Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Russia is not the main military threat
Russia is not the main military threat for NATO and the EU, French President Nicholas Sarkozy told the 45th Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"Russia today does not constitute a military threat to the European Union and NATO," he said. "I don't think that the highest threat facing NATO and the European Union is military aggression from Russia."

He said that Russia is not a threat to Europe because of many internal challenges and demographic problems it currently has to deal with.

Relations between the EU, NATO and Russia remain strained following a brief armed conflict with Georgia in August last year and Russia's subsequent recognition of the Georgian breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Relations were further marred by Ukrainian-Russian gas row in January.

The French president, who was heavily involved in the diplomatic resolution to the conflict over South Ossetia, stressed the necessity of confidence-building measures between Russia and the EU.

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