Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Russia to have one-window policy for business registration
MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin signed a bill on one-window concept for registering businesses into law on Dec. 23 in a move expected to ease the often time-, energy- and money-consuming bureaucratic gridlock faced by entrepreneurs while registering businesses in the country. Making the announcement at press conference Tuesday, Mikhail Mishustin, Russia's deputy minister for taxes and collections, said his ministry — the official agency in charge of registering new businesses — is ready to start working with the new document, but doubted the readiness of other state agencies to switch to the new system, according to the Kommersant newspaper. With the new policy, potential entrepreneurs will now only have to register their businesses with the Tax and Revenues Ministry, which will complete the process within five working days, unlike before, when the process used to take months, Mishustin said. The “one-window” concept will allow businesspeople to register, and then launch their business quickly, without much paperwork and/or visits to several official institutions. 'We are ready to work in this new system and guarantee quick registration and information flow among all institutions and state funds involved,' he added. Mishustin, however, doubts the ability of other institutions to process the volume of information and other data they will be receiving, effective from Jan. 1, 2004, when the new law comes into force. 'This is because some of them are poorly equipped, or have no single information network. This might require additional paperwork and lead to delays in the registration process that could jeopardize the business registration reform.'
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