Thursday, June 30, 2022
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24% of Russians take their horoscope seriously
24% of Russians take their horoscope seriously. This was the result of a survey of 1500 people carried out by the Public Opinion foundation in January 2004. However, most Russians (70%) claim that they do not take their horoscope seriously. Those who rely on the stars are usually under 35 (35%), women (30%), residents of the Far East Federal District (30%) and supporters of the Communist Party (38%). However, the survey revealed that just 12% of respondents did not know their star sign. Almost half the respondents (46%) believe that 'by knowing somebody's star sign, you can have a general idea of their personality while 33% disagree. People who believe in a correlation between star signs and peoples' character were generally from Moscow (59%), under 35 (61%) and respondents with higher education (55%). 55% of women believe that your star sign reveals something about your personality whereas just 26% do not. Men tend to be more skeptical. Just 37% believe there is some correlation while 40% disagree. 46% said that there is a growing interest in horoscopes in Russia. 20% believe there is no change while 6% said they think people are now less interested in horoscopes
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