Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Viktor Yanukovych:"It is a matter of my principles not to submit a resignation"
Beating drums and chanting "resign," supporters of apparent presidential winner Viktor Yushchenko blocked his election opponent from presiding at a cabinet meeting Wednesday as tensions persisted in this former Soviet republic. Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych showed no signs of cracking, refusing to surrender his post and telling journalists he would challenge the results of Sunday's runoff vote before the Supreme Court. Parliament passed a no-confidence vote for Yanukovych on Dec. 1, but the law gives him 60 days to submit his resignation, and he has called parliament's move illegal. "It is a matter of my principles not to submit a resignation," Yanukovych said. "I know why they insist on that ... they are shivering with fear", reports CBC News. According to the Telegraph, Mr Yanukovich's representative on the commission, Nestor Shufrich, said the team had submitted 27 volumes of documents. He said: "If there is any consistency, we have no doubt that the result of the election will be overturned." But there were signs yesterday that the election commission was unlikely to rule in Mr Yanukovich's favour. Its head, Yaroslav Davydovich, said: "These legal challenges are an attempt to draw the commission out of its impartial stand and into politics. That is impossible." Yaroslav Davydovych, the CEC head, said that the CEC would on Thursday continue examining the complaints lodged after the voting,particularly, the appeal from Yanukovych. Yanukovych won a disputed Nov. 21 presidential run-off, that triggered a weeks-long protest by Yushchenko's supporters. The Supreme Court later annulled the election results after the Yushchenko team filed an appeal, demanding to declare the vote invalid due to massive fraud. The court also ruled a revote of the presidential run-off to beheld on Dec. 26, informs Xinhua News
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