Monday, March 8, 2021
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Revival of imperialism in Russia is a myth
The thesis about the revival of imperialism in Russia is a myth, announced Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov speaking in the non-governmental Council on foreign relations in New York. "Some politicians in the West actively promote the thesis about the revival of imperialism in Russia. It is nothing but a myth, although there are still people who cannot get rid of old stereotypes. The reaction of certain circles in Europe and the United States to the political crisis in Ukraine is a good example of this," Mr. Ivanov stated. He said that even before the presidential elections in Ukraine many signs had clearly indicated that the West would not accept their results in case an undesirable candidate won the race. In addition, the Russian minister underlined, some European politicians voiced an opinion that Ukraine must join the West. "Such methods used in regard to a sovereign state might lead to very serious consequences. History shows that democracy cannot be imposed on countries from outside, and any attempts of forcible change of regimes lead to destabilization of the situation," Mr. Ivanov emphasized. He also stated that Ukraine has the right to develop cooperation with NATO. "Russia has rather close ties with NATO, and it is up to Ukraine to decide how it wants to develop its cooperation with the Alliance. We shall live and see," the minister underlined. He stressed that Russia pursues a fair policy toward other CIS countries and cannot be accused of neo-imperialism. Answering the question about future prospects of Russian-Ukrainian relations after the appointment of a new Ukrainian defense minister, Mr. Ivanov stated, "I know well both the former and the current ministers. We have regular meetings and plans for future bilateral cooperation."
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