Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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International drug business and terrorism
The connection between the international drug business and terrorism must be clearly stated. In US estimates, Osama bin Laden and his closest associates have received $28 million from Afghan drug dealers in the past two years alone. Understandably, the trace of this money leads to Chechnya too," Anatoly Safonov, the Russian president's special representative on international cooperation in combating terrorism and transnational organized crime, believes. In his words, Moscow attaches great importance to international and regional cooperation in combating drug traffic. An important role is allotted to the activity of the Central-Asian Memorandum on Drugs the parties to which are Russia, all Central-Asian states, Azerbaijan and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The diplomat recalled that the sixth meeting of the parties to this Memorandum was held on December 14-15 in Moscow. In Mr. Safonov's words, the task of the Russian foreign ministry is to create the political framework that would give the Russian anti-drug departments "an operative international scope" so as to combat the spread of drugs in cooperation with foreign partners and international organizations.
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