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Accusations regarding crew commander Gennady Padalka
"The accusations regarding crew commander Gennady Padalka and flight engineer Michael Fincke are false, though the analysis of the situation is not over yet," official spokesman for Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) Vyacheslav Davidenko said. He was quoted in the agency's official report RIA Novosti obtained Friday. In addition, the management of Roskosmos believes that "the ISS-9 crew has excellently accomplished the tasks assigned to it, from the first to the last day of their stay in orbit, Mr. Davidenko underscored. The report says that on instructions of Roskosmos head Anatoly Perminov, a conference was held to clear up the situation that arose with regard to foodstuffs for the ISS crew at the end of 2004 and to determine measures to prevent such situations in the future. "One of the themes discussed at the conference was the work of the ISS-9 crew under the command of Hero of Russia cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and the measures taken by the new crew for regulating the situation that arose in light of the decision to send foodstuffs to the station due to the results of the inventory taken in May 2004," Mr. Davidenko said. According to Davidenko, the participants in the conference at Roskosmos listened to the opinions of experts from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems and the Russian Space Corporation Energia, aimed at creating a necessary reserve of foodstuffs at the ISS and taking into account the cosmonauts' individual tastes in preparing the launching of another cargo spaceship head for the ISS the end of February. According to the report, the situation that arose with the deficit of foodstuffs at the ISS is to be explained by several objective factors. The first is that due to the temporary stopping of U.S. shuttle flights, only Russian cargo spaceships serviced the ISS. The second is attributed to the postponement of the launching of the Progress cargo spaceship from November till the end of December. This fact made the ISS-10 crew redistribute the foodstuffs. Davidenko believes that uncontrolled actions are impermissible on the part of specialists who are responsible for making a menu, taking into account the individuality of each member of the crew, and who responsible for drawing the list of foodstuffs to be taken by the cargo spaceship to the ISS," he said.
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