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The Bible has been translated into the Evenki language
The Bible has been translated into the Evenki language. Staff experts of the Evenki Ethnic Pedagogical Center and of the Moscow-based Institute of Linguistic Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences met in conference on the occasion, reports the Regnum news agency. Nadezhda Bulatova, Institute of Linguistic Studies senior researcher, and Anna Myreyeva, Candidate of Philology (Ph.D.), came out as translators, and Stefano Cotrozzi as theological editor. The scholarly gathering appeared in Evenkia to apply final brushstrokes to the endeavor. Sessions were arranged with native speakers to see how well they understand the translation. Nadezhda Bulatova and Anna Myreyeva have for now translated into Evenki a Children's Bible, the Gospel according to St. Luke, and edifying stories for children, said the press service of Evenkia's administration. The Bible is expected to come out of print late in 2006. "It was a baffling job to translate the Bible into Evenki, a language which has no Scriptural semantic categories. The translators encountered formidable problems, which readers will now share. Be that as it may, the appearance of an Evenki Bible will certainly make a historic landmark," says Diana Shchapova, Evenki Ethnic Pedagogical Center Director. Evenki is spoken in a vast though sparsely populated area from the left bank of the Yenisei in Siberia to Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East. The Evenki is a small ethnic entity-a total 11,700, more than five thousand of these in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Evenki is of the Tungus language group. First written references to it come down to the 17th century. The language has no genders and prepositions while abounding in verbal forms. Its alphabet was elaborated in 1937 on the basis of the Cyrillic.
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