Monday, November 28, 2022
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Militants in Grozny killed two local women
Militants in Grozny killed two local women, who refused to give them the money of Wahhabite "Jamaat", a spokesman for the press center of the Regional Operational Headquarters for Controlling the Anti-Terrorist Operation in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti. "The murder was committed by members of the group of militants, headed by Isa Khatuyev from the Rizvan Chitigov criminal gang. The militants tried to find and take the money belonging to the Wahhabite "Jamaat" which was earlier headed by "emir" Mussa Akhmatukayev," the spokesman said. According to the spokesman, four armed militants in masks penetrated the house on Uchenicheskaya Street in the Chechen capital and killed 41-year-old Raisat Israilova and 21- year-old Birlant Israilova. The spokesman explained that, according to local inhabitants, some time ago suspicious people visited that house several times and each time noisy scandals occurred. The neighbors heard in one of the conversations with Raisat Israilova she said that the visitors were members of the Isa Khatuyev criminal gang. "In investigating the crime, law enforcement officers established that both women were relatives of 24-year-old Musa Akhmatukayev, a member of the criminal gang, who was killed in Grozny," the headquarters spokesman added. Investigators are considering the possibility that the militant received a big sum of money from the leaders of the criminal gang to use it to commit terrorist acts. However, he did not have time to spend it because federal forces killed him. "At that time, after a special operation, the money was not found in the house, though the law enforcement officers possessed the information about the scheme and the channels through which the Akhmatukayev criminal gang was financed. Presumably, his relatives could know the place where the money was hidden but preferred to keep silent and, as a result, were killed by Chitigov bandits," concluded the headquarters spokesman
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