Monday, November 28, 2022
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More charges may face Yukos defendants
More charges may face Yukos defendants, Mikhail Khodorkovsky among them, Vladimir Ustinov, Russia's Prosecutor General, said to a media gathering. "Investigation is on, and if more suspicions arise against Khodorkovsky and others, they will be duly indicted," the top prosecutor replied as Novosti asked him whether the former Yukos proprietor was threatened with more charges. No Sibneft files have reached his office from fiscal agencies for now, added Mr. Ustinov. A reporter asked him whether his officers were investigating the petroleum mammoth's alleged tax arrears-to which the top prosecutor said that, at any rate, there was no evidence as yet. Fiscal bodies were claiming a billion US dollars from Sibneft on back taxes for 2000 and 2001, Russian-based media outlets reported, last March. With prospected deposits exceeding 4.5 billion barrels, Sibneft is on the world's top twenty private oil majors
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