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Fifty-year old Olga Nenya from Sumy (Ukraine) has 27 children
Fifty-year old Olga Nenya from Sumy (Ukraine) has 27 children. Four of them are the children of her own and the others are adoptive. Three of the adoptees are Ukrainian and others black, Russian weekly Argumenty I Fakty reports. Olga Nenya adopted the first child 25 years ago when she saw a TV program about an orphan asylum and little boy who was born with only one hand. Olga told her folks that she did not want to work at the plant anymore and that motherhood was her vocation in life ('nenya' means 'mother' in Ukrainian). She told her husband, "If our house can place three kids, why not find place for the fourth and fifth?" Place was found. Once she saw a black kid in an orphan asylum. The kid had almost no hope to be adopted. Black children abandoned by foreign black students are seldom adopted in Ukraine. Their life in orphan asylums is terrible and Olga Nenya decided to adopt such children. Her husband did not approve her enthusiasm and left her after the first such adoption. And Olga started looking for abandoned black children. Mrs. Nenya says that her elder children help her bring up the little ones. Her kids are undemanding. They do not have expensive toys and clothes but are not starving, of course. The attitude to Olga's family is ambiguous. "Some people think I am crazy and that one day my children will raise a new breed in Sumy and populate the whole town," she says.
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