Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Igor Ivanov does not think that "color revolutions" are a democratic way of changing power
Igor Ivanov, the Russian Security Council Secretary, does not think that "color revolutions" are a democratic way of changing power. He said this Wednesday at a meeting with Kyrgyz reporters currently in Russia as part of RIA Novosti partnership programs. When asked about his attitude to "color revolutions" (Georgia's "rose revolution" and Ukraine's "orange revolution"), Mr. Ivanov expressed confidence that "none of the CIS countries would want revolutionary upheavals." "All want stability. The use of extra-parliamentary methods and street protests hardly meets long-term interests of any country's stability," said Mr. Ivanov. "Do you think that the change of power in Georgia that took place in the streets is truly democratic? Do you think that such values and principles are laid down in the documents of the Council of Europe and the OSCE?" said Mr. Ivanov. Igor Ivanov sees no reason to talk about an entire trend of the kind in the former Soviet republics. When asked about his attitude to the excessively active, as Kyrgyz reporters put it, interference of various structures "from non-CIS countries" into the "internal processes in the CIS," Igor Ivanov stressed the need to work out "the legal framework of these structures that would clearly define their tasks." He deems it inadmissible that organizations that are supposed to perform certain functions officially do completely different things in practice. "This is true for any country, not only in the CIS," said Mr. Ivanov. "If we are to form a single legal space, say, within the OSCE, let us work out common election principles. But we do not have them!" complained Mr. Ivanov. He recalled that Russia had already come out for forming single election principles within the OSCE.
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