Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Russian energy is on the line
If Russia introduces corporate self-regulation, it will spectacularly enhance efficiency of its creative and entrepreneurial resources. The arrangement will also help elaborate necessary rules and standards, and increase economic transparency, said Victor Baranov, president of Soyuzgas-Union of Independent Russian Gas Producers. He was addressing a conference on oil and gas exports from Russia and other CIS countries, underway in London on the International Petroleum Week. The state is doing less than it should for independent gas producers. That is understandable-otherwise, it would have to cede many of its rights and business supervision functions, remarked Mr. Baranov. He called to reckon with independent producers' interests as Russia is drafting bills on self-regulating organizations and on mainlines. The Gasprom mammoth is to this day dominating the gas market and whatever innovation projects there are, pointed out the Soyuzgas President. He, however, highlighted certain improvements. Though independent producers are as hard put as before gaining access to gas mainlines, they and the monopoly have come somewhat closer together in stances on new gas-piping companies, in which independent producers are involved, acknowledged Mr. Baranov. Russia is getting ever less sure of its energy-related contacts with Turkmenistan and Ukraine, while Gasprom is evolving into a transnational corporation. All that demands closer attention to independent gas companies, though Gasprom ought to retain its unprecedented place in Russian gas industry and exports, he said.
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