Monday, March 1, 2021
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Lenin Mausoleum to open soon for visitors
The Lenin Mausoleum has been closed for almost two months for specialists from the VILAR Biotechnologies Center to do scheduled washing of the body and, possibly, change the costume. The Lenin body will be returned to Red Square on April 18, the Russian Gazette writes. Scheduled maintenance work in the mausoleum is done once in 1.5 years. Last time the body was washed in a special bath of aromatic herbs in autumn 2003. Twelve specialists from the National Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Research Institute attend it twice a week. During the last inspection, the VILAR deputy director said that the body is in top condition and can remain in the mausoleum for another 100 years. Maintenance of the mausoleum costs about 1.5 million dollars annually. Since 1991 all work is financed from private donations and funds. The body was embalmed according to the Vorobyov-Zbarski method in 1924. Since then, it has been several times attacked by mould but the timely scientific interference saved the mummy. Lenin's suit and necktie are changed once in three years because, specialists say, the embalming fluid saturates and deteriorates them. During his lifetime Lenin preferred suits of costly Swiss lustrine. It is customarily bought in Switzerland to this day.
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