Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Russians are rather pessimistic about their health
About a third (31%) consider it good, but every fourth Russian believes it to be poor. The rest (43%) think that their health is fair. The data was gathered by the Public Opinion foundation in the course of a representational public opinion poll in the form of residential interviews conducted on February 12-13 in 100 urban and rural areas of 44 subjects of the Russian Federation. 1,500 respondents countywide and 600 residents of Moscow participated in the survey. The statistical error margin did not exceed 3.6%. The poll showed that more than a half of Russians have to buy medicine on a regular basis: 14% do it at least once a week, and 41% -- not less than once a month. One-fourth of Russians have medicine benefits: 13% have medicine benefit rights themselves, and 11% have family members who enjoy these rights. Meanwhile, 67% of benefit-users believe their health is poor, and 26% consider it fair. The attitude toward substitution of medicine benefits with cash compensations differs form the attitude toward the general reform of the system of social benefits. On average, benefit-users more often criticize the monetization reform (this week - 38% of Russians support it, and 50% are against it). Instead, more than a half of medicine benefit-users (53%) prefer cash compensations, and only 41% would want the system of free distribution of medicine to remain intact. Therefore, it is possible to assume that the forthcoming reform of the system of medicine benefits will be less painful for Russian citizens than the reforms in other spheres.
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