Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Vladimir Putin:"Russia is prepared to engage in a democracy-contemplating dialogue"
Russia is prepared to engage in a democracy-contemplating dialogue but dislikes to see this theme used for building up intrigues against my country," said Vladimir Putin. "Fourteen years ago when Russia made its choice in favor of democracy, this was not for the sake of pleasing anybody but for this country, for our people," the president said in an interview to Radio Slovensko and the Slovak TV company STV. "Naturally, the fundamental principles of democracy and democratic institutions should be adapted to our reality, to our traditions and history. And we shall do this by ourselves," said the president. He noted that a benevolent look from the outside, even a critical assessment, would help rather than undermine Russia. "My country is ready to maintain dialogue, dialogue between people concerned, dialogue between friends," assured the president. "But we are against exploiting it as an instrument for achieving one's foreign policy aims or for turning Russia into something amorphous, in terms of a statehood, for intriguing against such a big country producing a major impact on international relations," said Putin. "I think however it is not our partners' goal. Anyway our talks with President Bush have never been darkened by any problems that complicated our relations," added the president.
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