Monday, November 30, 2020
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Belgium is not granting entry to Akhmed Zakayev
Chechen separatist emissary. Chechnya's State Council approves its position. An extended session of the council forwarded a related message to Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium's Prime Minister. "Representatives of all Chechen population sections fully approve the position of Belgian authorities on Zakayev's non-admission to Belgium. The Chechen Republic knows all too well his active involvement in fighting for many years. Many innocent lives are on his conscience," says the message. "Foreign patrons of separatists are imposing on us a kind of dialogue with paramilitary chieftains even now, after the monstrous terror act perpetrated in Beslan on direct order by [Aslan] Maskhadov and [Shamil] Basayev, [foremost separatist leaders]. We cannot feel anything but indignation as certain politicians in the West are patronizing Maskhadov's and Basayev's accomplices to pass them for moderate separatists." The Chechen State Council expresses assurance of Belgium's government being determined to cling to its anti-terrorist position in compliance with resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, which oblige every country to detain and bring to trial persons suspected of terrorist activities.
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