Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Russia does not want Iran to resume its uranium-enrichment programs
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told it reporters on Wednesday. We maintain contacts with the European Big Three (France, Germany and Great Britain), which is negotiating this problem with Tehran, Mr. Lavrov noted. In his words, this will become possible in exchange for specific guarantees as regards the development of Iran's civilian nuclear power industry, the solution of some Iranian economic problems, as well as the examination of Iran's participation in regional political processes. At the same time, Mr. Lavrov said that Russia would continue to expand its cooperation with Iran (as regards construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant). That Iranian NPP is being constructed in full conformity with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) requirements and under that organization's control. Right now, nobody doubts the fact that our interaction with Iran (as regards construction of the Bushehr NPP) does not threaten the non-proliferation regime in any way, Mr. Lavrov said. This project is absolutely transparent. No one voices any concerns, let alone alarm, on this score, Mr. Lavrov noted. Russia's Foreign Minister and the British Foreign Secretary negotiated in London, discussing bilateral-interaction issues, as well as continuity and the issue of G-8 presidency. This was particularly important because Russia will preside in the G-8 after Great Britain, Mr. Lavrov reminded his audience. Apart from introducing some new aspects, it was important to ensure continuity in line with this procedure's traditions, Mr. Lavrov added. When asked whether the British Prime Minister will attend the 60-th Victory in Europe Day (VE-Day) celebrations in Moscow, Mr. Lavrov noted that Tony Blair had been invited to take part in those celebrations, and that he had confirmed his interest. However, Mr. Blair's plans will bespecified, after British authorities decide on specific parliamentary-election deadlines, Mr. Lavrov went on to say. All-out national parliamentary elections are set for May 5. However, the final deadline will be announced some time later
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