Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Yuri Kravchenko was found shot dead this morning
Yuri Kravchenko, Ukraine's previous Interior Minister, was found shot dead this morning. He could not have committed suicide, says parliamentarian Taras Chornovil, as reported by Novosti/Ukraine news agency. "I knew Kravchenko a bit. He was not the man to take his own life-he had enough ways to quit, for instance, by leaving this country. Gongadze murder witnesses were in fatal danger. I suspected it even yesterday," he reasons. The murder of muckraking journalist Georgi Gongadze murder can be considered successfully detected, Ukraine's President Victor Yuschenko and top prosecutor Svyatoslav Piskun said in a recent joint statement, to which Mr. Chornovil referred. "There are two men now-the masterminds' and killers' go-betweens. These two will certainly meet their death as soon as another several similar statements come up. General Fere, Kravchenko's deputy, is in the worse danger, though he is now comatose, and no evidence can come from him," the parliamentarian went on. Someone on the present Administration must have gained with Kravchenko's death, he assumes. Chornovil has tracked the violent death down to "absolute safety guarantees granted [former Ukrainian President Leonid] Kuchma". "Someone on the present-day top might have determined to be true to all pledges made not to Kuchma but to the go-betweens," he added. Chornovil does not think sensational sound recordings made by Major Nikolai Melnichenko, formerly on bodyguard service, have anything to do with the tragedy-"Kravchenko himself had ample evidence to commit the old and the new regime alike, so that wasn't why he was killed." Taras Chornovil also referred to a conference he had today with the national Security Council chief of PR. "I meant before to offer him facts to prove that Kravchenko was out to leave the country. Now, that's no more topical," he remarked. "There is no longer whatever chance to track down the men who ordered Gongadze killed. It will be a case comparable to John Kennedy's death," Chornovil said, hotly. Yuri Lutsenko, current Interior Minister, on the contrary, is sure his predecessor committed suicide, says the Ukrainian television Channel Five. As he made the statement, the minister stressed it was his personal opinion. He said the Prosecutor General's office had taken hold of all related information, so he could not mention whatever details.
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