Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Gazprom has developed an "Eastern program" in the framework of the Russian economic strategy till 2020
Gazprom has developed an "Eastern program" in the framework of the Russian economic strategy till 2020, announced Alexei Mastepanov, the adviser to Gazprom's chairman of the management board, during the 2005 Russian-Japanese Economic Forum, opened on Tuesday in Niigata (Japan). Mr. Mastepanov stated that under favorable conditions the yearly production of gas in the Russia's east would increase by 2010 to 50 billion cubic meters, and by 2020 - to 110 billion cubic meters. Alexei Mastepanov believes the development of gas complex in the east of the country must be based on existing infrastructure, consisting of Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yakutsk and Sakhalin facilities. Its goal is to create large production facilities oriented on gas exports and gas-refinery complexes, which will guaranty economic security of the entire East Asia. The "Eastern program" requires large investments, including $40-45 billion on exploration of gas deposits and $15-20 billion on the development of the production infrastructure, the expert underlined. Large investments are necessary also because of the complex component structure of gas produced in the east, which contains big amounts of helium and condensate. The comprehensive state approach to the problem has been reflected in the fact that the government instructed Gazprom to develop the basis of the program, which is going to be officially adopted in the first half of 2005. Gazprom is facing the task of decreasing the power consumption of the production by half. In the course of Gazprom's structural reforms till 2020, the company plans to conduct a stringent power saving policy, Mr. Mastepanov stressed.
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