Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Russian immigrants might be involved in a large banking fraud in Israel
But it would be premature to reveal their names, a press secretary of the Israeli Police Department told RIA Novosti. She confirmed that a search and document confiscation operation had been conducted at the branch #535 of the Apoalim Bank and in the office of the former Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky in Tel Aviv. On Monday, the Israeli media disseminated information about the largest banking fraud in Israeli history discovered by the police, during which hundreds of millions of dollars were "legalized" through the branch of the Apoalim Bank. Vladimir Gusinsky is mentioned as one of the main suspects in the fraudulent case. The Gaarets newspaper, quoting sources close to investigation, points out that the authorities possess "solid evidence" of Gusinsky's involvement in the transfer through third parties of large sums of money on banking accounts in Israel. It is suspected that the Russian millionaire quickly transferred the money to foreign accounts in order to hide its origin. Israeli and French police also cooperate in investigation of another key figure in the fraud - billionaire Arkady Gaidamak, who is sought by French authorities on fraud and tax evasion charges. "All financial activity of Mr. Gusinsky in Israel and abroad is totally transparent and is conducted in strict compliance with Israeli and international laws," Mr. Gusinsky's advisor Arnon Perelman told RIA Novosti. According to Gaarets newspaper, Mr. Gusinsky will be called for interrogation after he is back from a trip abroad. Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain Zvi Hefetz, who worked as Gusinsky's representative in Israel prior to his current diplomatic appointment, will have to go through the same interrogation procedure. Mr. Gusinsky, who is currently visiting the United States, announced that he was ready to come back to Israel for interrogation in connection with Apoalim affair
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