Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Russian children engage in crafts and business en masse
Some make textile toys, others issue securities, yet others set up managerial companies at school. Three million are organizing those pursuits. The latest trade fair in Nizhny Novgorod introduced an extensive choice of children's projects from 26 Russian regions, says Finansoviye Izvestia. Russian business kids have a wide range of interests. Many offer diverse consumer items from clay whistles to jewelry. Many go into public catering, insurance, folk medicine, or information technologies. Every company has a full-fledged structure, complete with a president, vice-president, manager, director marketing experts, and accountants. All proper papers are regularly drawn. Thus, a school insurance company in Nizhny Novgorod has not merely adopted a statute but even cared to license its services. The company has invented a special insurance field-against bad marks. A client who has done well in a term is entitled to a bonus at 30 per cent of his insurance fee, which makes a token fifty rubles (roughly $1.5) a half-year. "The law on corporate and private entrepreneurial registration stipulates underage business. We can only regret adult business people seldom take children's companies in earnest. That's a wrong attitude-after all, the law offers such kids ample opportunities to go about their business," says Anna Dyuzheva, Russian spokesperson for the Italian legal company Pavia e Ansaldo. A contrasting opinion has come from Mikhail Torchinsky, 3R recruiting company executive manager: "We can't treat all that as proper business-that's a mere hobby, more often than not." His point finds proof in the opinions of a greater part of underage business managers. Money is not the main thing they are after, they acknowledge. High school teenagers who are running small restaurants or making textile toys say they are not profit-chasing-they stock up practical experience that will come in handy in adult life
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