Sunday, September 25, 2022
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An international Antarctic youth expedition broke three world records
An international Antarctic youth expedition, Sky Odyssey for Russia's Glory, broke three world records. The Russian Guinness Book has registered them for today, Alexander Begak, project supervisor, said to Novosti in a satellite phone interview. "Kids from all post-Soviet countries came through a contest to join the crew. Now, they have set three world records in the world's coldest continent. An official Guinness spokesman entered all three on the Russian Guinness Book of Records. "The crew unfolded a red fabric roll to make a giant Roman L, for the initial of the word 'life'. It covered an area of 30,000 square meters. However huge it may be, that was, technically, the easiest assignment of all. "Another word, 'mir'-Russian for 'peace'-appeared on the Antarctic snow, total area 6,000 sq m. A helicopter photographed it from the air with a digital camera. The picture was transmitted to a laptop and on, via a communication satellite, to the International Space Station. Its crew-Salizhan Sharipov and Leroy Chiao-e-mailed the picture to many countries in all parts of the world. "Last but not least, the Antarctic hosted the world's first Olympic youth relay race to a 2,012 meter distance to symbolize the year of the summer Olympic which Moscow is bidding to host. A funny plush penguin stood for the baton. "To celebrate their athletic event, the kids made another inscription on the snow, 'Peace Moscow 2012', over a 12,500 square meter area," said Mr. Begak. The crew is undergoing rehabilitation and rest cure in Chile to reappear in Moscow, March 23. The Sky Odyssey for Russia's Glory had support and sponsorship from Russia's federal government and Moscow municipal authorities.
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