Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited the Ostrovsky state theater in Kostroma
Putin was present at the rehearsal of the play by Viktor Rozov, titled Ever Living, and had attended a show of actors' toggery. The theater's director, Sergei Morozov, said, welcoming the president, the troupe "strives to preserve the tradition of Russian psychological theater." "Classics is fundamental for us. As far as the play is concerned, we are preparing for the 60th Victory Day is concerned, we got interested in it because the fate of the people in it is shown through the prism of an individual family's fate. Patriotism is no empty word for that family. It seems to us that the topic is very important nowadays," Morozov added. Vladimir Putin had his picture taken in the company of actors and their director. The Ostrovsky theater in Kostroma was founded in 1808. It is among the oldest theaters in the country. Outstanding Russian actors performed there in the plays by prominent playwrights. The theater is considered to be the successor to the first Russian professional theater of Fyodorov-Volkov set up in Kostroma. Interestingly, in 1812, the Moscow Imperial Theater and its drama school were evacuated to Kostroma before Napoleon's attack against Moscow. The Moscow actors' stay in Kostroma benefited the local dramatic art. According to contemporaries, 1863 witnessed "a splendid stone theater second to none in the provinces being built." A bit reconstructed, the building still is considered to be among the best in Russia. The Kostroma theater is closely associated with author Alexander Ostrovsky who became popular in the latter half of the 19th century. It is the Kostroma theater where plays by the young playwright were first performed in the provinces starting from 1854. Most of Ostrovsky's plays have been performed in the theater, except Abyss. The theater was named after Ostrovsky for its efforts in promoting his heritage. The theater was established 196 years ago. The play Ever Living being rehearsed in the theater was written by Viktor Rozov in Kostroma in 1943. It had been banned for a long time, until staged by the Kostroma theater in 1956. In 1957, the Sovremennik theater opened with a performance of Ever Living. The Cranes Are Flying movie, based on the play, was the prizewinner at the festival in Cannes. The play covers a rather long period starting from the early days of the Great Patriotic War
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