Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Yastrjembsky: Georgia is a public thoroughfare
MOSCOW - President aide Sergey Yastrjembsky stated at a press-conference today that Georgia “remains a public thoroughfare for terrorists”, who get to Chechnya from Pankisi canyon, reports Izvestia. These conclusion was made after examination of documents of the terrorists killed in Chechnya this November. Yastrjembsky demonstrated to journalists the passports of two Turkey citizens, a German and an Algerian. All the passports have Georgian visas, one was issued in August 2003. “This is a clear indication that the fighters get to the Russian territory from Georgia”. President aide stressed that Georgia must block its border to stop international terrorism infiltration. Acting President of Georgia Nino Burdjanadze commented on this, saying that such problems must be examined separately in each case and no such visas could be issued later than in 2001-2002.
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