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Russia still leads the way in space exploration
Russia's Clipper reusable spacecraft will be unveiled during the 2005 MAKS aerospace show in Zhukovsky near Moscow. This spacecraft, which is developed by the Energia corporation, will seat six people. The Clipper, which can fly to the moon, can also be used for reaching the Red Planet. This was disclosed to Izvestia by Anatoly Perminov, general director of Russia's Federal Space Agency. Perminov is sure that no country of the world can implement the extremely difficult Martian program on its own. For its own part, the International Space Station (ISS) program involves five countries. Even those experts, who do not sympathize with Russia, believe that Russia's technical assistance facilitates this program's successful implementation. Russia cannot build its own space station today for lack of money. The ISS helps accomplish similar objectives, what with Russia unfailingly abiding by its ISS commitments. Meanwhile the United States has to exert every effort, while implementing its own space program. The Cape Canaveral space center has already received numerous ISS consignments, which should lift off in the foreseeable future. Addressing the latest conference of national space-agency chiefs in Montreal, the NASA administrator officially informed Russia that all issues pertaining to resumed space-shuttle flights will be settled starting May 15, 2005. Russia would like all of its modules to link up with the ISS by 2011. The scientific module is to blast off, in the first place. Russia suggests that Moscow and Paris jointly develop its instruments. Besides, French experts will receive an opportunity to work there. Perminov also hopes that the United States will eventually buy Russian spacecraft for servicing the ISS. At the same time, Russia now has to fly all ISS resupply missions. US legislation expressly forbids the purchase of such Russian technology. Consequently, Russia has to set aside additional ISS appropriations. Still this is not always justified. The situation will change after space-shuttle flights are resumed, Perminov hopes
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