Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Kyrgyzstan's deposed president has agreed to resign without conditions
Kyrgyzstan's deposed president has agreed to resign without conditions, the parliament speaker said Saturday, and the country's top judge said a poll to replace him would be held whether he liked it or not. Askar Akayev, who ruled the impoverished ex-Soviet country for 14 years, fled into exile in Russia last week after protesters stormed government buildings after flawed elections and seized power in the mountainous republic. Previously, it has not been clear whether polls planned by the new post-coup government for June would be legal if Akayev refused to resign -- which he had declined to do without security guarantees and the right to return home, tells Reuters. A Kyrgyz parliamentary delegation headed by Tekebayev will leave Saturday evening for Moscow to discuss with Akayev the details of his resignation, the Kyrgyz parliament press service said. Akayev is expected to sign a resignation document in Moscow, Tekebayev said, adding that the resignation ceremony in Moscow will be attended by a state notary and the press. Akayev, who fled to Russia amid opposition protests last week, suggested in a Russian television interview Tuesday that he might be willing to submit a formal resignation if his security is guaranteed by the new Kyrgyz parliament, but new Prime Minister Kurmanbek Bakiyev rejected Akayev's return on security reasons. The Kyrgyz constitution stipulates that the president should return to Kyrgyzstan and announce his resignation to all members of the Parliament. But Bayekova proposed to revise the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan at a special constitutional session on Saturday "to prevent instability." She also said that Akayev's resignation could be signed outside the country as long as it is witnessed by a notary. "We need a critical approach to the Constitution to prevent instability. People should be confident of the legitimacy of the existing authorities," Bayekova said. Bayekova did not disclose how the Constitution might be amended, reports Xinhuanet. Bayekova said Akayev's return and resignation before the parliament "would be ideal, but we do not want his life to be in danger. He does not want this either."
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