Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Flights to the Moon will resume in 2015-2020
Flights to the Moon, as is expected, will resume in 2015-2020, and to Mars - in 2030, the head of the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos), Anatoly Perminov, said at the news conference in RIA Novosti. According to him, it is necessary to accommodate the experience of the flights to these planets. "At the present time, the USA, Russia, Canada and Japan take an active part in this program. Altogether 14 countries are technically present at the International Space Station," Perminov said. In the opinion of the head of the Roskosmos, first of all it is necessary to learn to conduct assembling works in space and only then to plan flights to Mars and the Moon. The new Russian piloted spaceship Kliper will be able to fly to the Moon and to carry out even longer flights. Perminov reminded the audience that the Soyuz had already become obsolete, "especially its element base." The conditions for three members of the crew are difficult. We are not satisfied with this," the Roskosmos head said. The launching of a Shuttle, he continued, "costs a lot, and is not always reliable." "The Kliper, designed by the Russian Energia Space Corporation, meets today's requirements for 6 crew members and can carry a sufficient amount of cargo. We regard it as a shuttle, which can land on concrete aerodromes in the Russian Federation," Perminov said. He specified that the Roskosmos and the NASA were presently "considering the procedure of its creation and exploitation." "We plan to exhibit it at the Le Bourget show and at the MAKS exhibition," the head of the Roskosmos said. The negotiations with the USA about cooperation in the space sphere depend on the results of the resumption of the Shuttle flights. "Our relations with the USA in the sphere of space exploration are normal. We have already gone though the tense period, and now everything depends on the Shuttle flights. Its first launching has been scheduled for May 15," Perminov said. According to him, the plans for 2006 and for a longer period depend on the results of this launching. "We have come to an agreement with our American colleagues that we shall decide this matter after May 15, following the resumption of the flights. Everything will depend on the situation," Perminov explained
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