Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Russia has its Hanover fair exposition in Pavilion No. 13
It will be lucky, says Viktor Khristenko, federal Energy Minister. "Baker's dozen will surely be good to our show," he remarked to a Hannover Messe opening news conference this afternoon. Russia has never before appeared at this famous industrial fair as partner country. This status implies considerable obligations. It shows that the world has recognized Russia as full-fledged figure in global research, economic and political developments, said the minister. The Russian pavilion has on display many sensational pioneer samples-suffice it to mention aviation technologies, in particular, hyper-sound velocity engines, lasers and cutting-edge materials, he added. High fuel and energy prices and comparatively low US dollar rates have done the Russian economy a good turn. They account at least for 25 per cent of success as Russia is increasing its gross domestic product by an annual exceeding 7 per cent. There are other notable trends in Russian economic progress-engineering industry, mainly civil-oriented, is coming into the foreground. The minister is eager to see those trends gaining momentum. This year will rob the fuel-and-power complex of its leading role in Russian economic progress to give other industries pride of place, forecasted Khristenko. The Hanover fair is representing Russia as a high-tech country to give Germany, the entire Europe and the world a first-hand view of its achievements, added Claus Manngold, East German Economic Committee president
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