Friday, May 29, 2020
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The Russian society is far from being secure
Russian Prosecutor General Ustinov told it the Federation Council on Wednesday during the hearings on extending his term of office as prosecutor general. The prosecutor general admitted that crime had not been stopped in its tracks over the five years he had spent in office. "I do not mean the statistics, rather, what the people feel in terms of security," Ustinov said calling the feeling the top criterion. He also said that within the prosecutor general's office itself "work is underway to get rid of negligent officials and traitors. There can be no compromise in this." "If it has been proven that a prosecutor accepts money for certain actions in his line of duty, he should not be dismissed, but be subject to criminal prosecution," Ustinov said in response to a question of Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova. "Although the prosecutor's office with its 50,000 personnel is not the largest part of society, it suffers the same diseases society does, which can be cured by curing society first." He also said that the number of premeditated murders solved had dropped from 7,000 to 5,000 over the past two years. "Analysis indicates that investigators had become more successful in exposing perpetrators of grave crimes," Ustinov stressed. He spoke against establishing a single investigative body in Russia. "I do not know of a state in the world that would put these eggs in the same basket," Ustinov commented on the idea. In his opinion, prosecutors are more efficient than their colleagues in other law enforcement agencies. "There are 80,000 investigators in the Interior Ministry but the efficiency of the prosecutor's office is far greater," he said, stressing that the pool of investigators in the prosecutor's office is insignificant, numbering just a bit more than 8,000.
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