Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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On May 9 Moscow is to host the Victory Parade
On May 9 Moscow is to host the Victory Parade, thereby marking the 60th Victory In Europe (VE) Day anniversary. This was disclosed to RIA Novosti today in the Moscow military district's press service. The veterans will ride 130 custom-made trucks (that were assembled at the ZIL factory for this occasion), RIA Novosti's interlocutor noted. More than 7,000 servicemen will march through Red Square May 9. This year's Victory Parade will differ considerably from previous Victory Parades, comprising a history section and a modern section, too. Warplanes serving with the Russian Air Force will also fly by. Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov will take the parade. This parade will be commanded by Ivan Yefremov in charge of the Moscow military district's forces. Yefremov will review troops in a car. A drummer company from the Moscow military-musician school will be the first to march through the square. This unit will be followed by soldiers carrying the Russian State Flag, the Victory Banner and the Banner of the Russian Armed Forces. A company carrying the banners of 60 units and formations (that had distinguished themselves during the Great Patriotic War) will open the parade's history section. An infantry company, an armor company, an artillery company, a combat-engineer company, an air-force company, a naval company and a cavalry squadron wearing WWII uniforms and carrying WWII weapons will march by. After that, trucks carrying war veterans with the standards (banners) of Red Army fronts will ride through the square. The military parade's modern section will, as usual, be opened by the all-arms academy of the Russian Armed Forces. Columns of the Strategic Missile Force's military academy, the Defense Ministry's military university, the combat-engineer academy, the military university of radiation, chemical and biological protection, the Gagarin air-force academy, the Zhukovsky air-force engineering academy, the Moscow military space-force radio-electronics institute, the Baltic naval institute named after Ushakov, the civil-defense academy of the Emergency Situations Ministry, the Airborne Force's Ryazan higher commander-training school named after General of the Army Margelov, a marine regiment, a paratrooper regiment and a regiment of the Interior Ministry's security force will take part in the parade. Moreover, the parade will involve units from the Russian Federal Security Service's Moscow-based border-guards' institute, the Moscow Suvorov military school, as well as the St. Petersburg Nakhimov school and the Moscow garrison's combined military orchestra
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