Thursday, December 8, 2022
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The Interior Ministry of Chechnya is taking resolute "ranks cleansing" measures
Since the start of the year, eight criminal cases have been initiated against interior officers engaged in unlawful actions, Chechen Interior Minister Ruslan Alkhanov told RIA Novosti in the interview on Monday. None of them is a commissioned officer, he said. All of them are rank-and-file employees. The measures seek discovering random people penetrating into the law-enforcement agencies, traitors and unscrupulous officials, the interior minister said. Only people bent on a resolute struggle against criminals and bandits have of late been joining the police, he said. He also believes that a turnabout has taken place in the minds of policemen. "Now, chiefs of interior sections, regiment commanders do not fear assuming responsibility and acting resolutely, aggressively as the situation requires," Alkhanov added. "This is why I have enrolled mostly young guys and given them the green light in taking decisions in a complex situation." "They are efficient indeed," Alkhanov said. Militants have reduced in number thanks to the regular special operations, he said. "Now, we can ensure security for our republic," Alkhanov stressed. The police strength, 15,000, fits the goals set, he believes. Only every employee should be used with utmost efficiency, he added
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