Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Kremlin cooks will bake 16,000 Easter cakes
Kremlin cooks will bake 16,000 Easter cakes, press secretary of the presidential business manager, Viktor Khrekov, told RIA Novosti. The cakes will be sold at canteens and shops of the presidential administration, government and parliament. Four types of Easter cakes are offered, weighing 50, 500 and 800 g and 1 kg. Depending on weight, Easter cakes will cost 8-100 rubles. Traditional recipes will be used to bake cakes, with the use of raisins, nuts and candied fruit. In addition, eaters at the Kremlin's canteens will be able to taste 'paskha', or curds, made using a special recipe. Cooks have made almost a ton of this dish customary for the holiday. In the run-up to the holiday, Christ's Resurrection, Easter eggs will be painted. There were 2,000 of them last year, Khrekov said. He also emphasized that the tradition of selling Easter delicacies at canteens and delicatessens of governmental and parliamentary offices has been for more than six years, with demand for Easter cakes, paskha and Easter eggs having been on the rise year in year out just like for lenten dishes has, Khrekov said. One of the most stringent fasts begins today for Orthodox Christians - Holy Week. It is to be over on Sunday, March 1, when the believers will be able to break the fast on the occasion of Easter.
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