Friday, January 22, 2021
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A new WWII memorial will open near St. Petersburg on Tuesday
The monument will be installed in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region, on the Kolokolnya mountain, which on military maps was marked as Height 105.3, the Leningrad region government's press service reported. Now, the 13 meters high figures 105.3 will be placed on the site where the Soviet Army blocked the offensive of the Nazi troops advancing to St. Petersburg, which then was called Leningrad. The Oranienbaum foothold (named after the town of Oranienbaum in the Leningrad region that in 1948 was renamed Lomonosov) was created on September 7, 1941, when the 8th Army together with the 2nd and 5th marine brigades, supported by the shipboard and coast artillery of the Baltic Fleet, blocked the Nazi offensive. The foothold was held till the Soviet troops launched an offensive in January 1944 and played an important part in Leningrad's defense. During that time, the Soviet Army had observation posts on the mountain, and when the offensive had begun, command posts were created there, wherefrom General Leonid Govorov, who commanded the Leningrad front, Admiral Vladimir Tributs, who commanded the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, and Lieutenant General Ivan Fedyuninsky, commanding the 2nd Attack Army, directed troops. Traditionally, war veterans who fought at Oranienbaum gather on the Kolokolnya mountain on May 9, the day when WWII in Europe ended. Many people come to the site to commemorate soldiers who died in or after the war.
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