Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Electronic Moscow got you!
MOSCOW - Electronic Moscow online-project managers have promised monitoring of Muscovites and visitors. This will be achieved by implementation of an automated system of population registration, the development of a database on foreigners and hotel visitors and connecting all city officials to the Internet, the program’s creators announced at a conference at Moscow City Hall on Dec. 17. The program was approved by the city government in April. Preparations have taken about eight months, and, starting in January, new technologies will come into the life of Muscovites Although the program is being promoted as mainly “social” – developing a social-card system, etc. — next year monitoring functions will be developed. The automated population-registration system will be modernized, and the foreigners and hotel-visitors database created, as well as a lost-passports database and an experimental unified channel for all special services. Program developers say that these databases will be protected and will not be found for sale in the near future.
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