Thursday, September 19, 2019
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A new strain of the SOBER virus is bombarding computers
Experts say the worm has attacked computers in 40 countries and shows no signs of slowing down. According to computer experts, one in every 20 emails is infected with the virus. If your computer is acting strangely, it may be infected with the SOBER-N worm. The virus is moving quickly through email servers around the world. The email implies there is a problem with your email that will be fixed by clicking on the attachment. The worm spreads when you open the attachment, reports NBC 2. Sober-N is spreading in both English and German, with the German version disguised as a successful confirmation of a ticket order to the 2006 World Cup, among the biggest sporting events in the world. Computer users are asked to click on an attachment for more information. The English version is not soccer related, instead it implies that there is some problem with the user's e-mail that needs to be addressed, by clicking the attachment. But in either language, that click will instead trigger the worm to harvest all the e-mail addresses on that computer, and send the same message to everyone on it. Sober-N is unlike other computer worms and viruses that carry malicious payloads, capable of stealing passwords or deleting files. "The only thing that is going to happen is, it's going to dramatically slow things down on your computer," said Mastoras. "Mailboxes are filling up as we speak, and that may become a productivity issue," he said. MessageLabs, a company that provides managed e-mail security for businesses, reports finding more than 1.1 million copies of the virus destined for its customers. MessageLabs spokeswoman Shelley Driscoll says the virus was filtered before it reached their 11,000 clients worldwide. The mantra that anti virus companies have been chanting for years is applicable to this threat, publishes CNN News.
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