Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Russia's Tu-204-300 passenger jet has been granted a certificate
Russia's Tu-204-300 passenger jet has been granted a certificate that allows to launch the serial production of this version of the Tupolev family. The Aircraft Register certificate was issued by the Commonwealth of Independent State's (CIS) Interstate Aircraft Committee on May 14, said the press service of the Aviastar SP aircraft manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, in central Russia on the Volga, which built the first Tu-204-300 airliners. The certification tests took 14 months, two liners made 110 test flights. "The aircraft corresponds to all current and prospective requirements advanced by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Euro Control panel of experts, and has a noise certificate and therefore can be used in any international flights," said the plant. The press service said the plant was preparing to hand over two Tu-204-300 liners to the first customer, Vladivostokavia airline. Two more liners are being assembled now to be commissioned and handed over to the same airline in late 2005. Tu-204-300 liners equipped with PS-90A engines are the Tupolev manufacturer's new version. It is by six meters shorter than the base model, Tu-204, the innovation that enhances the aircraft endurance. Tu-204-300s are 99- or 166-passenger liners fit for short-, medium-, and long distance flights (up to 7,000 km). "This is what makes the Tu-204-300 a multifunctional aircraft," said the press service. "The idea to build it originated in the 1990s, but it could only be implemented recently." It is the sixth version of the Tupolev family. Sergei Milyukov, Aviastar SP's chief engineer, said the base model's onboard avionics had undergone the most radical changes. The new version is fitted out with the latest navigation systems, midair collision prevention systems, early ground proximity warning systems, and newest radars that allow to track turbulence zones, which is particularly important in flights to and from the South Asian and Pacific regions. Colored liquid-crystal monitors will show takeoffs and landings through pilots' eyes, which is a novelty in Russia.
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