Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Spam is flooding the Russian web
It made 35 per cent of entire e-mail, 2003, to increase to a half last year, and is expected to bloat to 80 to 85 per cent this year, warn experts. The Russian anti-spam software market is only emerging. Still, it has scored certain victories. Russian-designed programs better cope with Russian-language spam than their imported analogues, remarked Sergei Antimonov, Directors' Board Chair of the Russian-based DialogNauka software company, as he was addressing a news conference today. It takes automata to keep lightning spam attacks at bay-the human brain is powerless here, he stressed. Yandex, Russia's biggest search and service portal, recently announced SpamDefense, one of the initial corporate products to filter out spam in the mail systems of companies with open e-mail addresses, and of web service providers. The Defense proceeds from two thousand parameters in a thoroughly original technology of recognizing spam, whether in Russian or any other language. Millions of yandex.ru users are its clients even now that the system is budding-no wonder, it processes more than 15 million messages a day, to fish out over 90 per cent of Spam. Spam must be made unprofitable to the sender, so it is not enough to filter it out in web services. Corporate efforts alone are able to deliver it a coup de grace, points out Arkady Volozh, Yandex Director General. E-mail had a daily global 17 billion messages last year, and is forecasted to make it twenty billion this year, say IDC statistics
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