Friday, November 27, 2020
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Mikhail Fradkov:"The Government of Russia must draw serious conclusions from the Moscow power blackout"
"The Government of Russia must draw serious conclusions from the Moscow power blackout. It must analyze the causes of this crisis in great detail," Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said, while opening a regular Cabinet session. "The situation in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Tula region and other regions as a result of this blackout is something exceptional. Millions of people faced a very difficult situation. Their lives and health were threatened," Fradkov told those present. "It goes without saying that conclusions must be drawn from this. The situation must be analyzed in great detail. We must also take urgent action, restoring power supply as soon as possible. This is what RAO UES and other organizations are doing," Fradkov added. "It would be premature to draw any final conclusions. There are several such conclusions. The crisis was largely caused by RAO UES' failure to ensure reliable power supply to affected regions," Fradkov said. "Rostekhnadzor (Russian Technical Supervision Agency) has established an ad hoc commission. And I would like it to submit an analytical report on the crisis' causes," the Prime Minister said. In his words, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry has set up a working group for monitoring various measures as regards resumed power supply in the Moscow region. "I am asking the administrators of all levels to analyze the performance of their services, so that they could operate in emergency situations," Fradkov told government members
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