Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Evgeni Adamov refused to be extradited to Russia on a quick arrangement
Evgeni Adamov, once Russia's Nuclear Energy Minister, refused to be extradited to Russia on a quick arrangement, which presupposes his consent, one of the lawyers-Stefan Wehrenberg, a Swiss legal expert, said to Novosti today. Adamov, 66, was offered quick extradition even Friday last. His lawyers and Swiss authorities were refusing, till this day, to announce his decision. He previously refused to be extradited to the USA on a similar procedure. "I want everyone to know that I do not intend to be extradited on a simplified procedure to either applicant country," the suspect says in a statement Herr Wehrenberg is circulating on his behalf. Adamov is determined to work for his release. "I deem my US-warranted arrest illegal. I am determined to leave prison as a free man and come back home a free man," he said. Switzerland applied to the USA, May 2, for an extradition warrant, whose drawing procedure, according to the Swiss legislation, usually takes forty days to sixty-which implies June 30 for deadline. When the warrant comes, Switzerland's Federal Department of Justice will have to decide which of the extradition warrants shall be entitled to priority. Another official application for Adamov's extradition, from Russia, reached Switzerland, May 17, after the Russian federal Prosecutor General's office launched criminal proceedings against him on suspected fraud and excess of powers. Russia hopes Swiss authorities will proceed in their extradition verdict from a Russo-Swiss treaty of 1873 on crime suspect extradition. Signed back in the times of the Russian Empire, the instrument was recognized valid in a note exchange of 1993 between Russia and Switzerland. Dr. Adamov was holding Russia's Nuclear Energy portfolio, 1998 into 2001. He was detained in Bern, May 2, on an application from the US Department of Justice, and remains in custody in Bern. US judicial authorities suspect Evgeni Adamov and Mark Kaushansky, his business partner and US national, of embezzling a nine million dollar grant the US Administration made Russia to build up its nuclear project safety. Adamov is facing imprisonment for up to sixty years on the US law.
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