Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Russia is celebrating International Children’s Day on Wednesday
Charity actions that are designed to help and support orphans and disabled children will be held all around Russia on Wednesday. A political decision on a serious review of the state policy towards children is needed now, Russian human rights commissioner Vladimir Lukin said earlier. He noted that rights of children are not safeguarded fully in Russia. The Russian state pledged to fulfill them joining the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the cash-for-benefits law that was enacted in 2004 and all laws that have relation to family and children the responsibility of the state is not envisaged, he emphasized. Thus, the function of the state to ensure rights of children is handed over to regions that also contradicts the international convention. Charity concerts will be given for orphans and disabled children all around Moscow. The actions with the optimistic names – “Flowers of life,” “Let the sun is always shining,” “A trip in the country of wonders” will be held in the centre of the Russian capital and other Moscow districts. Seventy-five students of the Beslan school will visit Moscow on this day. They will lay flowers to the Tomb of Unknown Soldier and meet with CSKA chief coach Valery Gazzayev. The Ministry of Education and Science will open a website that will help potential parents to look for and foster children. Site visitors will be able to look into the section “aid is needed,” where serious problems of children are described and how financial and moral aid can be provided to them. Meanwhile, the charity television marathon “To your children, Moscow” will be held on the television channel Stolitsa. During the marathon donations will be raised for children who lost parents and sick children. Too many children need various aid of the state and society all over Russia. According to Lukin, at present only one third of Russian children (32 percent) have a strong health, 52 percent have functional problems, and more than 16 percent of them have chronic diseases. The Ministry of Education and Science noted that about 800,000 orphans and children who were left without parental care live in Russia. “545,000 children (68 percent) are raised in families of adoptive parents (375,000 under guardianship, 11,000 in foster families and 159,000 are fostered by other people) in January 2005,” the ministry remarked. Thirty-two percent are raised in orphanages. Meanwhile, about two million children are homeless in Russia
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