Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Russian Fatherland Defender’s Day
The presidium of the Russian Supreme Soviet instituted the holiday in February 1993. It is a day of Russia’s military glory. Fatherland Defender’s Day occupies a special place in the calendar of Russia’s significant dates. The citizens of Russia are going to pay their respect for servicemen, army and fleet veterans and the participants in the wars in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other local conflicts on Monday. Sociological surveys show that most Russians regard February 23 as a special day. Many of them associate the current holiday with its former Soviet name – the Day of Soviet Army and Navy. Defending the Fatherland has always been a difficult task. That is why a defender’s fate has never been easy. They were always the first to block the way to aggressors who infringed on the country’s freedom and territorial integrity. Today the army forms the basis of Russian statehood and guarantees the country’s stability.
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