Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Marc Chagall's granddaughter Meret Meyer Graber visited Russia
Marc Chagall's granddaughter Meret Meyer Graber, representing the interests of the Chagall family and vice-presiding over the Chagall committee in Paris, visited Moscow to attend a ceremony at which art critic Alexander Kamensky presented his book "Marc Chagall, artist from Russia". In her interview to the daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta, she referred to Chagall as the artist of the world. Chagall was born in Belarus, lived first in Russia and then in Paris and she thinks that saying that he belonged to one nation alone means to restrict his art. Meret Meyer Graber complained of the recently widespread Chagall fakes many of which were made in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, she said, there is no full catalogue of his works. "Until the end of the 1980s, my mother had had one full file listing the fakes of my grandfather's pictures but now I have got three such files," exclaimed Meyer Graber. The Chagall sold several days ago by a Minsk auction for $650,000 is an awful fake, according to Meret Meyer Graber. This picture used to be submitted for the examination of the Chagall committee three times and each time its authenticity would not be confirmed. At the same time, the artist's granddaughter said she entertained most kind and friendly feelings toward Belarus. "This is our homeland and we want Chagall work to return home," she said. It is for the fifth time that the Chagall committee has held an exhibition in the Vitebsk Chagall museum. On display are paintings from Moscow's Museum of Fine Arts.
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